6 Steps to Recurring Revenue Reselling End-User Training

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Calling all MSPs and VARs who are looking for a monthly recurring revenue solution to use as a key business differentiator.

The KnowledgeWave training solution combines a video library with online classes to provide end user training.

Here is a roadmap outlining the steps you can take to start realizing revenue as a reseller of KnowledgeWave's end user training.

Become a KnowledgeWave Partner1. Become a KnowledgeWave Partner

A Reseller Agreement authorizes you to offer KnowledgeWave training to your clients through our generous partner program.

Activate Your Team's KLS Account2. Activate Your Account

Set up a KnowledgeWave account for your team. Experience our onboarding process and end user training expertise for yourselves. Use the site while your team sells it.

Decide how to charge clients3. Set Up Billing

How much will you charge? Will clients pay monthly or annually? Put the pieces in place to include KnowledgeWave on your invoices.

sales enablement4. Empower Your Sales Team

We work with you to train your sales team. Let’s get them fired up! There are a number of tactics that have worked well: commissions, first-to-sell bonuses, coupons, and co-hosted demos to name a few.

Start selling5. Sign Up Clients

You make the sale, then our onboarding team takes it from there. Our Customer Success Team nurtures clients along to make sure they get value from the service and win the renewal.

Enjoy high profit margins6. Watch the Revenue Roll In

You invoice clients for your full list rate. We invoice you for the discounted partner rate. The difference is almost pure profit for you.

Here is a handy PDF of these 6 steps. And we have experts standing by to help you through the sign-up process. Please join our growing community of resellers!
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