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Microsoft Access Capabilities You Shouldn't Ignore

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  July 27, 2015  /  Access   —   No Comments ↓

Microsoft Access provides a user-friendly interface for managing your data on your desktop and beyond. What Microsoft Access users tend to love most about the online software solution is that it doesn't require its users to be well-versed in code. Its recent move to the cloud allows users to share and control important data like never before. Plus, it's easy to install, integrates well with other software programs and has superior ROI. Read on to learn more about the advantages and the disadvantages of Microsoft Access.

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Creating a Drop-Down Parameter in Access 2010

Posted by Cindi Kline  /  April 15, 2015  /  Access, Microsoft Office 365   —   45 Comments ↓

Parameter queries in Access 2010 are a great way to choose what you wish to see as your query result each time you run the query. One of the downsides to parameters is not being able to easily create a drop-down list from which users may choose what they wish to see. However, there is a way to accomplish this, with a little additional work. 

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Create an Interactive Access Form to Filter a Query by Date Range

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  April 23, 2012  /  Access   —   46 Comments ↓

Date ranges are a very common filter that database users want to implement in their queries. For example, let’s say your company sells office supplies and your databases tracks customer orders. You want to run a monthly query that summarizes total orders.

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Insert a Logo in Microsoft Access 2007

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  January 8, 2010  /  Access   —   No Comments ↓

Microsoft Access 2007: Insert a logo into a form or report

1) Open the form or report in Layout view.

In the Navigation Pane, right-click the form or report and then click Layout View Button image on the shortcut menu.
2) On the Format tab, in the Controls group, click Logo

The Insert Picture dialog box appears.

3) Browse to the folder where your logo file is stored, and then double-click the file.

The logo is added to the form or report header. If you want to reposition the logo, you can drag it to another location. You can also resize the logo by moving the cursor to the edge of the logo until it changes to a double-ended arrow, and then dragging in the direction of the arrows.

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