How to Be an Effective Employee While Working from Home

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Work from Home Effectively

The COVID-19 outbreak has left many companies scrambling to respond to government social distancing recommendations. Business today is anything but usual, but it is also an opportunity to expand your capabilities and learn new approaches. Working from home with remote business solutions is easier than ever before. Your business productivity doesn't have to stop just because you aren't able to make it into the office. Office 365 & Microsoft Teams give organizations the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. KnowledgeWave is now offering a series of FREE webinars, open to the public, on how to effectively work from home.

A Message to Our Clients and Prospective Clients

The rapidly changing environment specific to COVID-19 and the impact it is having on business operations is overwhelming. This challenge is leaving many businesses running in circles trying to figure out how they can maintain business operations and prevent a loss of revenue while following recommended social distancing best practices and also enabling employees (when possible) the ability to work from home.

KnowledgeWave has been a leader in remote training for nearly a decade and in recent years has run nearly 80% of our client training in a live, remote, online format. We deliver training across North America every day. Whether it’s open enrollment or private group training, we continue to successfully deliver highly rated, outcome-based training sessions for our clients in a format that meets today's COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

Learn how your employees can remotely work efficiently and effectively

In addition to delivering training remotely, KnowledgeWave has also built a comprehensive plan that allows our staff to work remotely. During our technology transition to the Cloud, the flexibility we found as a result, allowed for newfound efficiencies that provide better team collaboration and user engagement. While many of us work in the same office regularly, we now use Microsoft Teams to meet whether we are onsite or working remotely.

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Our move to working 100% remote this week had no negative impact on our productivity and was nearly seamless. Using Office 365, specifically OneDrive for Business and SharePoint within Microsoft Teams allows our team to not only work and meet remotely, but has also enabled us to work and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and other content from anywhere.

Free Webinars: training resources for working remotely

In response to increased requests regarding the need to work remotely, we are offering a recurring series of FREE webinars, open to our current clients as well as any business looking to support their employees working remotely.

There is zero cost to attend these webinars and they are open to anyone to attend. We highly encourage you to share this web page with your coworkers, friends, family members and on social media. Once again, anyone is welcome!

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LIVE SESSIONS HAVE EXPIRED - Check out the recording here.

Please note that this event is focused on best practices. We’ll share some strategies that we have used and that our clients have used to support a collaborative remote work environment.

  • Webinar Topic: How to Be an Effective Employee While Working from Home
  • Target Audience: Anyone working remotely, or anyone responsible for remote employees
  • Duration: 30-minutes
  • Available dates/times 
  • LIVE SESSIONS HAVE EXPIRED - Check out the recording here.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Best practices and strategies for remote workers
  • Using Microsoft Cloud technology to work effectively when working remotely
  • Training remote workers


The current outbreak of COVID-19 has increased awareness regarding the need for employers to provide a way for employees to work remotely while maintaining productivity. In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll share some best practices for being productive and professional when working from home. We’ll also explore strategies for managing your physical space, your digital assets, your mindset and your work relationships when working from home. We will also give some examples of using modern workplace tools that are readily available as part of Office 365.

In this session, we will share some real-world examples and best practices that will help you better visualize how your business can thrive with remote workers.

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LIVE SESSIONS HAVE EXPIRED - Check out the recording here.

KnowledgeWave uses Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to promote effective work and collaboration when employees are not in the office, however, the best practices and topics in this webinar are transferable to other cloud productivity and meeting software solutions.

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