Get Started Meeting Like a Pro with Microsoft Teams

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Get Started Meeting Like a Pro with Microsoft Teams

The explosive rate of deployment and migration to Microsoft Teams is off the charts. I wrote last month, How to Rapidly Deploy and Adopt Microsoft Teams because so many people were and continue to reach out to our company for training specific to using Teams. In that post, I shared what companies are doing to deploy Teams quickly and how they can still maintain some governance.

When discussing training needs with clients we commonly see two driving factors for Microsoft Teams Training requests.

Using Teams around projects and departments. A Team for the sales department, a Team for engineering, or a Team for project XYZ are examples. Using Teams in that manner is what Teams is all about. It provides a hub for your “Team's” conversations and work files, providing a place to work and communicate around your content. It’s a true game-changer.

The second area of interest is using Teams for internal and external meetings. I was amazed at how meeting internally was new to so many organizations. For companies that have done it, using Teams had a new complexity because you could meet in your Team or Channel. Teams provides a new meeting experience for both meeting attendees and presenters. There are even options for 'town-hall style' meetings using Live Events. While the concept of online meetings isn’t new, Microsoft provides a modern take on the tools and the options we already use. It’s a new mousetrap.

How we approach training for Microsoft Teams

KnowledgeWave offers custom private webinars that help with user adoption around tools like Teams and our Learning Site can support users post-training with review options and additional topics that further help to develop specific skills, like Meeting like a Pro using Microsoft Teams. In this post, I want to share the recipe that has helped many of our new clients adopt Teams. The formula is pretty simple, it’s a mix of live training and on-demand options.

What is the KnowledgeWave Learning Site?

Step 1: Private Microsoft Teams Webinars

KnowledgeWave offers two core topics that can be customized for how Teams will be used at your business both for project work and meetings. We offer a webinar for each. You can deliver these on your own or work with KnowledgeWave to present them. I’ve listed below the descriptions for the two core webinars that have been helpful. Some companies deliver one session for all employees, others may segment user groups for a custom white glove approach.

Get Started with Microsoft Teams (1st Webinar)

Live Webinar Duration: 30 Minutes + 15 minutes Q&A

Learn how to use Microsoft Teams, which provides a modern conversation experience for today's workers who need to share a digital workspace. It's a hub for your team to work together, communicate, share documents and files, and hold meetings.


  • Microsoft Teams interface and navigation
  • Chats, calls, and screen sharing with colleagues
  • Teams, channels, and tabs
  • Scheduling and starting Team meetings
  • Meeting options
  • Collaborating around content in Teams
  • Additional and ongoing training options

This webinar is a live event. You will be able to type in questions during the presentation. If attendees would like to speak during the Q&A the presenter can unmute the participant.

Meet Like a Pro Using Microsoft Teams (2nd Webinar)

Live Webinar Duration: 30 Minutes + 15 minutes Q&A

This webinar is specific to using Microsoft Teams to meet with your colleagues and clients. We will focus on functionality that will help you conduct productive meetings using Microsoft Teams.


  • Chats and calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Online meeting best practices
  • Scheduling and starting Teams meetings
  • Meeting notes and whiteboard
  • Meeting options

This webinar is also a live event. You will have the ability to type in questions during the presentation. Once again, if an attendee would like to speak during the Q&A the presenter has the ability to unmute the participant.

Step 2: Leverage the KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS):

KLS provides additional training options around Microsoft Teams and the other Office 365 features that can surface in Teams like Planner and SharePoint. The KnowledgeWave Learning Site is an extremely affordable option that you can make available to your entire organization. We’re adding new content all the time, and with new features of Teams being released often, that does mean all the time.

Specific to supporting Teams, we can help your business optimize your Teams training. Our Teams training solutions are specific to what you need and can be adjusted to align with where you are with your deployment process with Teams. From basic Teams Chat, to advance meetings, to integrating across the Office 365 tool kit with apps like Microsoft Bookings, we’ve got you covered.

If you are researching, considering, or planning on deploying Teams or Office 365 within your organization, let us help guide you through the process. We offer:

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