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Microsoft estimates that 5 - 10% of users are using more complex features of Excel to create business insights. Some experts have shown that these “super users” are earning more than their colleagues. So if you like problem solving, data analysis, and the idea of boosting your earning power, maybe it's time to become an Excel power user.

And now it's easier than ever. A few months ago, we introduced a new format to our curriculum: LIVE 90-minute classes, completely online. And we are now expanding our online short-class offering with two new Excel Power User training classes.

These classes are targeted for users who want to expand beyond basic formula building skills and basic PivotTable knowledge. They are live and online, taught by our expert instructors. You can attend from any location with a good internet connection.

E401: Excel Power User Training – Functions, Functions and More Functions

It’s time to expand your formula building skills and go beyond using just the SUM function in Excel. In this 90 minute live-from-your-desk session, we will start by covering the three different cell references: relative, absolute, and mixed. Understanding and knowing which cell reference to use in a formula plays an important role in correctly building and copying functions. Next, we will build the following types of functions: Statistical, Logical, Lookups, Reference, and Text formulas. Complete Outline

Date/Time: Aug 22, 2017 11AM  (EDT) 
Duration: 90 Minutes
Enroll online -or- call 800-831-8449 -or- email education@knowledgewave.com 

E402: Excel Power User Training– Advanced Reporting Using PivotTables

Looking to take your Excel reports to the next level? In this 90-minute advanced PivotTables session we will continue from where we left off in session E302 (PivotTables and PivotCharts). We start by showing you how to setup your data to have it automatically refresh even if the range of data changes. How about adding a second value to your report? Not only will we SUM the values but also add the COUNT and percentages to our totals. Adding Slicers and Timelines will give your report an impressive dashboard look and feel. Other topics include creating a calculated field and capturing data from multiple ranges. Complete Outline

Date/Time: Aug 22, 2017 3PM (EDT)
Duration: 90 Minutes
Enroll online -or- call 800-831-8449 -or- email education@knowledgewave.com 

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