How to Keep KLS in Front of Employees

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KLS_Flyer.pngIf employees don’t know about the KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS), then they won’t use it.

If employees aren’t using KnowledgeWave, then your organization is missing out on learning opportunities and ROI.

Raising Employee Awareness about KnowledgeWave Training Benefits

We do our best to make your KnowledgeWave membership as easy and low-maintenance as possible. But there are a few things that only you can do. As an administrator for your KnowledgeWave account, you have 2 key responsibilities:

Here are some ideas for making sure that your employees are aware of the KnowledgeWave training benefits available to them.

Good Ole’ Email

Set a reminder for yourself each quarter to send out an internal email. The message can include a link to the KnowledgeWave Learning Site and instructions to contact you (or us) if they haven’t activated their account yet. You can also contact us anytime at and we will happily re-send all the outstanding invitations to your employees who haven’t joined the site yet.

Explainer Video

Here is a handy video explaining how our services work. You can send this link around via email or post it on your intranet.

Newsletter or Intranet

Add a section about KnowledgeWave in your employee newsletter or any other regular internal communication. We are happy to provide you with our logo for this purpose, or to write a few short articles that you can rotate through the spot. Contact us at to make arrangements.

Handout or Flyer

Some of our clients use a one-page handout that we provide, with their logo on it and information about KnowledgeWave training. We can quickly customize one for your organization, too. Request a handout via email and we will provide you with a PDF within 2 business days. This can be printed and posted on bulletin boards, distributed in mailboxes, or included in new employee orientation packages.

We Are Here to Help

As I mentioned earlier, we do our best to make your KnowledgeWave membership as easy and low-maintenance as possible. Please call 1-800-831-8449 or email if we can offer any materials or assistance. We wish all of your employees happy learning!

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