End User Training as a Value-Add for MSP Clients

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End User Training Adds Value for MSP Clients

As an MSP helping your clients is one of your top priorities. Questions regarding Office 365 and associated applications (like Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive) can arise early and often when a client is migrating from another system (such as G-Suite) to the Office 365 platform. Helping your clients solve their problems and answering their questions is incredibly easy with the KnowledgeWave Learning Site.

Check out a quick, two minute show-and-tell video from KnowledgeWave CEO Eric Sokolowski, detailing a recent situation where an MSP easily solved a client problem with the KnowledgeWave Learning Site in just a few steps.

End user training can be a great differentiator for Managed Service Providers, increasing loyalty and improving outcomes for your IT clients.

If you're convinced that Office 365 training would be a major benefit for your clients, you need to find a reliable and easy-to-use training platform. In this case, look no further than KnowledgeWave. Our learning platform allows you, your company and your clients to complete comprehensive Office 365 training on demand.

If you are ready to boost both your company's and your client's Office 365 competency and productivity contact KnowledgeWave to learn more about our learning platform and start your free trial today.

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