MSP Inspiration: 3 Things We’ve Heard About Office 365 Training

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MSP Inspiration 3 Things Weve Heard About Office 365 Training

As an IT service provider, it’s helpful to keep an ear to the ground and figure out where your industry is going, what your market is demanding, and what combination of services and pricing will make it all count where it matters most: right on your bottom line.

Here are 3 quotes I wanted to share with you from recent conversations that can help you picture how you can benefit from reselling end-user Office 365 training to your clients.

“These are the easiest invoices I write each month.”

This quote is from a KnowledgeWave reseller who has a number of clients subscribed to the KnowledgeWave Learning Site. And it’s likely that those invoices will keep flowing effortlessly because the clients are utilizing the KnowledgeWave Learning Site and seeing strong, ongoing ROI.

“My MSP isn’t offering any Office 365 training or implementation knowledge, so I’m trying to figure it out on my own. Do I really need them?”

This question was asked by a manufacturing company with about 75 end users. They are moving to Microsoft Office 365, planning to adopt OneDrive and SharePoint Online first, then eventually Microsoft Teams.

Chris, their in-house IT specialist, discovered KnowledgeWave online through all we’ve written about Office 365 adoption and training. They outsource most of their IT to an MSP, but Chris found that the MSP didn’t know the answers to his Office 365 implementation questions.

Chris told us, “So I’m going out and doing the research, and then I have to think, do I need the MSP?” To which we said, “Yes, you really do need the MSP.” (We’re on your side.)

Regardless, you probably don’t want that question running through your clients’ heads! If end-user training was part of the MSP’s services, we would not have had that conversation with their client.

KnowledgeWave can coach you or your clients through the important process of Office 365 end-user adoption and change management.

“We firmly believe in not providing line-item pricing for services. The package price includes important services that will help the client work in a modern way with appropriate safeguards in place.”

This is from a large MSP who is including KnowledgeWave training as a part of their Office 365 bundle.

Our resellers seem to have 2 schools of thought when building training into their service offerings. One approach is to line-item all services, including training, the other is bundling everything into a package and not assigning costs to individual services.

I've been using a slightly different spin when talking about the latter approach. My pitch: Line itemizing and letting a customer pick which services they get from the MSP lets the customer dictate what the best practice is, when in fact, the MSP is the expert and should be sharing their thoughts on the best practice (ACM planning and training is part of that solution). A-la-carte services can be difficult to sell and limit the ability to build MRR while providing a needed and valuable service to their client. 

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