Prepping Your Sales Team for KnowledgeWave Sales

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AdobeStock_leadership_small.jpgReady to sell KnowledgeWave to your clients? It's time to get your sales team up-to-speed. Here are some suggestions and materials to help you get started.

Host a sales meeting

This works well for most KnowledgeWave partners: set up a meeting with your sales team and invite KnowledgeWave to virtually present the training solution and answer questions.

Our sales team has been pitching KnowledgeWave for years, and can quickly distill the main talking points for your team. 

You can work out the details with your KnowledgeWave account manager, or contact us at or 800-831-8449.

Slides to go over with your team

Here is a PowerPoint presentation with the main talking points for:

  • What is KnowledgeWave
  • Why to sell it
  • How to sell it

Sales Team Handout

This is a one page handout, front & back, for reference. Pin it to the board, or place it on the intranet to serve as a reminder. Not intended to be distributed to clients.

We are also happy to customize this handout for you or provide you with the source file (a Word document) if you wish to fine-tune it for your context. Email or call 800-831-8449.

Familiarize your sales team with KnowledgeWave

Give your team some homework to explore on their own. We suggest:

We're here for you

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