Microsoft Planner: Synergy & Efficiency

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Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is an Office 365 App that enables a team to organize tasks around their projects and workflow. It’s powerful too. While it is popular on it's own, independent of other Office 365 applications, it works amazingly well with Microsoft Teams.

Our KnowledgeWave team members write and teach about Office 365...a lot. Including Teams and Planner. One core message we consistently deliver, no matter the tool, is that while these apps are independent apps, they all work very well together.

Office 365 Synergy

You can create an Office 365 Group, then build your Microsoft Team based off that group. Use the SharePoint document library that is created as part of this process to serve as your team's location for files they will collaborate on. When you surface a Planner plan on a Team or channel tab, if enables team members to access the task without having to leave Teams. Planner enables team members to create tasks that link to documents in SharePoint and lets members of the team track progress around the defined criteria. You can even post task charts on a SharePoint Team site incredibly effortlessly. All these tools and all the team’s content can be easily accessed in Microsoft Teams.

How a Teams Administrator can also add a Planner Button on the Teams left Navigation bar.

Microsoft Planner Training

Our on-demand video training series for Planner includes:

  • Creating a Plan
  • Adding Tasks
  • Assigning Tasks
  • Sorting Tasks into Buckets
  • Organizing Tasks
  • Edit and Change Task Details
  • Updating a Task Status
  • Using Task Comments
  • Attachments to Tasks
  • Using Labels
  • Using the Favorites Option
  • Filtering and Views
  • Get Task Updates via Email
  • Exporting a Plan to Excel
  • Task Notifications
  • Delegating Tasks and Plans
  • Plan Settings
  • Using Planner on a Mobile Device

Training to Boost Efficiency

With the growth of Microsoft Teams, KnowledgeWave has seen a resurgence around requests for Microsoft Planner Training. We are experts in Microsoft Office 365 Training, and as such we address all the core tools like Microsoft Planner. KnowledgeWave has recently posted a new block of learning content to address this increasing need. Our on-demand learning content is perfect for Microsoft Planner training.

As businesses look to adopt new tools and features of Office 365, they are leveraging KnowledgeWave and our Learning Site to drive success around their user adoption and to assist with their digital transformation to a modern workplace. We can help you, too. Interested in learning more? Schedule a call with one of our Service Adoption Specialists.

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