How to Promote Opportunities for Growth to Your Employees

Posted by Jennifer Patterson  /  August 12, 2015  /  Workplace Culture   —   No Comments ↓

We are constantly looking for ways to grow our business, but our biggest asset isn't our strategy, or monthly revenue, it's the people behind it driving that success: Your employees. In an article she contributed to Entrepreneur entitled "Want Your Business to Grow? Help Your Employees Succeed," Abigail Phillips writes: "We’ve all heard the saying that 'a team is only as strong as its weakest link,' but the number of business leaders choosing to ignore this sentiment is staggering, as they are more concerned with their own development and less so with their employees. Not a smart move. Investing time in your employees and giving them the tools they need to develop is incredibly important for output quality, morale and retention."

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The Core Principles of Leadership Accountability

Posted by Jennifer Patterson  /  August 10, 2015  /  Workplace Culture   —   2 Comments ↓

In any organization, leaders typically take the blame in any case of failure. Because of this your employees may be intimidated to take the next step and move up in their roles in fear of taking on new responsibilities. To change this behavior and create an environment where all levels can flourish and work as a team, view failure as a learning opportunity and make it a core principle of your culture—not a chance to place the blame.

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Office 365 Sharing and Collaboration

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  May 1, 2015  /  Microsoft 365, Productivity, Workplace Culture   —   No Comments ↓

How to collaborate with your colleagues 

Get a look with our latest member recorded webinar, you’ll get an inside look at sharing and collaborating with Office 365 and SharePoint Online. We’ll show you a side-by-side view of two users collaborating in a Word document. Watch how changes John Keller makes are tracked and noticed by Samantha as they work and collaborate together within the same Microsoft Word document.

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Introducing Skype for Business

Posted by Jon Hood  /  April 30, 2015  /  Industry News, Microsoft 365, Workplace Culture   —   No Comments ↓

When do I get Skype for Business? If you’re currently use Lync Online in Office 365, you’ll get Skype for Business sometime by the end of May 2015! It is automatically replacing Microsoft Lync as a robust and unified collaboration and communication platform. What is Skype for Business?

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The Role of Education in Making an Organizational Culture Change

Posted by Eric Sokolowski  /  April 21, 2015  /  Human Resources Management, Workplace Culture   —   No Comments ↓

Initiating an organizational culture change within a business is no easy task. And the larger your organization is, the harder change will likely be. This is due to what Boundless calls "cultural inertia." It continues: "Big and strong organizational cultures will have a powerful tendency to continue moving in the direction they are already moving (momentum)." An organizational culture change successfully alters the speed or direction of that movement.

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