Tips for Using Office 365 Training Videos to Your Best Advantage

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  January 20, 2017  /  Employee Training, Office 365, Team Leaders   —   No Comments ↓

As your organization transitions to Office 365, you’re probably on the lookout for training solutions to help familiarize employees with the new platform – and keep costs low.

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How to Incorporate Strategic Training

Posted by Jennifer Patterson  /  January 16, 2017  /  Employee Training, Human Resources Management   —   No Comments ↓

Typically, when you sit down to develop a training plan, you focus entirely on learner outcomes. Those goals become benchmarks for measuring the training’s success.

Strategic training widens the scope to include short and long term goals desired by the organization as well. This post will show you how to organize your own strategic training plan: one that incorporates input from all staff levels, benefits the organization as a whole, and increases your value as a strategic contributor.

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What We've Learned from Today's Top Managed Service Providers

Posted by Eric Sokolowski  /  January 10, 2017  /  MSP   —   No Comments ↓

As a partner to a number of top Managed Service Providers I want to pass along five common traits many of these MSPs have in common. Hopefully this insight will help you retain existing customers, win new clients, be a market differentiator, and grow your MRR.

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Advanced Microsoft Excel Training That Fits Your Busy Schedule

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  January 4, 2017  /  Excel, Employee Training   —   No Comments ↓

Microsoft estimates that 5 - 10% of users are using more complex features of Excel to create business insights. Some experts have shown that these “super users” are earning more than their colleagues.

So if you like problem solving, data analysis, and the idea of boosting your earning power, maybe it's time to become an Excel power user.

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Is Office 365 Online Training Right for My Team?

Posted by Jennifer Patterson  /  December 29, 2016  /  Employee Training, Office 365   —   No Comments ↓

There comes a time when you realize that your team needs Office 365 training. But what's the right training approach for your team?

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Getting to Know Office 365: Calendar Like a Pro

Posted by Jon Hood  /  December 21, 2016  /  Outlook, Office 365   —   No Comments ↓

Now that you have Office 365, what does that mean for your usage of Outlook, and particularly your calendar? It means good things, my friend.

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Focus on the Office 365 Features That Matter Most to Your Company

Posted by Eric Sokolowski  /  December 16, 2016  /  Office 365   —   No Comments ↓

With its vast and ever-expanding suite of features, it can be challenging for any organization to adopt and train Office 365 successfully. And yet, you’ve been tasked with planning both.

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Top 8 Training Resources for Small Businesses

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  December 13, 2016  /  Employee Training   —   No Comments ↓

You don’t have to feel limited by a modest training budget. Many managers face a similar scenario when searching for effective employee education and development tools.

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Did You Know That Excel Has a Built-In Training Log Template?

Posted by Jennifer Patterson  /  December 7, 2016  /  Excel, Employee Training, templates   —   No Comments ↓

A learning management system (LMS) is a luxury not every organization can afford. Yet maintaining accurate employee training logs is invaluable to your team's growth and development plans.

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OneDrive for Business Governance: Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  December 1, 2016  /  Office 365, OneDrive   —   No Comments ↓

I recently had an opportunity to chat with an IT guy in the healthcare industry. His organization is considering moving to Office 365, but they are worried about sensitive information being compromised while using the cloud.

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The Role of the vCIO in Organizational Leadership

Posted by Mark Rickner  /  November 28, 2016  /  MSP   —   No Comments ↓

Like many other MSPs, your vCIO service has been maturing over the last couple of years. And like many other MSPs, you probably had a number of missteps and wins during its development.

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How to Use Adobe Acrobat DC Pro to Create Fillable Forms

Posted by David Thibault  /  November 22, 2016  /  Adobe   —   No Comments ↓

Getting input from people is an important aspect of doing business in today's world. Yet collecting and analyzing information can be somewhat challenging, not to mention time consuming. Wondering if you can find a better way using some of the common software tools at your disposal? Yup. You can.

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With OneDrive, Office 365 Solves the Document Version Control Problem

Posted by Eric Sokolowski  /  November 18, 2016  /  Office 365   —   No Comments ↓

One of my many roles is to speak with organizations about leveraging everyday technology in order to help them become more efficient.

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The Care and Feeding of a Successful MSP Business

Posted by Eric Sokolowski  /  November 15, 2016  /  MSP   —   No Comments ↓

The world of VARs is rapidly changing. In the old days, you could get by selling hardware and software in one-off deals and by responding well to break-fix incidents (which really, are opportunities in this world).

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What Part Should IT Play in Office 365 Adoption?

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  November 10, 2016  /  Office 365   —   No Comments ↓

As an IT professional, you just get it. You live and breathe technology - and you’re probably an early adopter. Tech is in your blood.

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