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What Are Office 365 Groups?

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  June 26, 2018  /  Office 365   —   No Comments ↓

Office 365 presents businesses and their employees with new modern ways to work. One great example is Office 365 Groups, often referred to as Modern Groups.

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6 Steps to Boost User Adoption of Office 365 (FREE Webinar!)

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  April 17, 2018  /  Office 365, MSP   —   2 Comments ↓

The move to Office 365 is not like any previous Microsoft Office upgrade for your end-users.

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Microsoft Azure Training Options

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  April 3, 2018  /  Courses, Cloud Computing   —   No Comments ↓

With the explosion of businesses using Microsoft Cloud Solutions, 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Cloud, the need  and knowledge required to manage and support those services is more important than ever. Small Businesses are deploying Office 365 in droves and Azure provides a means for businesses, large to small to manage these cloud-based services like Office 365. KnowledgeWave is excited to add these Azure courses to our lineup to support the IT professionals that maintain your onsite and cloud infrastructure.

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3 Real Life Tips for Your Office 365 Deployment

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  November 30, 2017  /  Software Rollout, Office 365   —   No Comments ↓

Many of the clients I work with are making the move to Office 365 from Office 2010, or a mixed environment of various Office versions. In either scenario they are making a leap to a new version of Microsoft Office providing their users with more flexibility, the opportunity to work more efficiently while increasing user productivity.

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Adding the KnowledgeWave Learning Site to your Office 365 App launcher

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  October 5, 2017  /  KLS   —   1 Comments ↓

After you’ve made the decision to leverage the KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS) to assist with your user adoption of Office 365 you may want to add a custom KLS tile to your Office 365 App Launcher. This post will show you step-by-step how to accomplish this task. Please note that you need to be an Office 365 Admin to add custom tiles.

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Certified Scrum Training for Federal, State, City and Private Sector

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  June 29, 2017  /  Courses, Consulting, Learning Initiative   —   No Comments ↓

KnowledgeWave provides onsite certified scrum training for federal and state government, cities and municipalities as well as private sector businesses. We also provide online training options for individuals or smaller teams seeking Scrum certification.

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Why Great IT Leaders Are Critical to Workplace Culture

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  June 22, 2017  /  IT Pros, Workplace Culture   —   No Comments ↓

Keeping ahead of technology’s constant changes and advancements is tough enough. Just when you think you’re in step with the latest and greatest, it veers sharply into unfamiliar territory.

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ITIL Foundations Training and ITIL Practitioner Training

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  June 6, 2017  /  Courses, IT Pros   —   No Comments ↓

Tech is ever changing, making it difficult to stay current. It can also be difficult to know when something is a fad versus the next big, important advancement.

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Why User Adoption Should Be a Key Piece of Any Office 365 Rollout

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  May 22, 2017  /  Office 365, MSP, IT Pros   —   No Comments ↓

IT professionals and end-users often see technology from different perspectives. You’re likely to be more concerned with all the mechanics and logistics. Conversely, your clients and end-users are scratching their heads. This is a key consideration to include in your Office 365 migration planning. Including user adoption and training activities aids in bridging that chasm, and should be present throughout the migration process.

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Office 365 Tips Worth Sharing: Email a Link, Not an Attachment

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  April 20, 2017  /  Office 365, Team Leaders   —   1 Comments ↓

Your team is up and running with Office 365 and its cloud storage solutions: OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. (Congrats - take a bow!)

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Skype for Business Online Training: Quickly Get Your Team On Board

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  April 20, 2017  /  Office 365, Skype for Business   —   1 Comments ↓

Each week it seems like more organizations are embracing Skype for Business for internal (and sometimes external) communications. Maybe you are in the same boat. If so, you've come to the right place!

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KnowledgeWave Office 2016 Quick Reference Guides for MSPs

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  April 9, 2017  /  Microsoft Office   —   No Comments ↓

With the each new deployment of Microsoft Office there are great new features. Sometimes we lose a feature we love (Status Bar Sum Total Disappears 2010 to 2013 Upgrade, not fixed in 2016), but more times than not, we gain better features, and more collaboration options.

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Sample Office 365 Training Plan for Your MSP Customers

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  April 6, 2017  /    —   No Comments ↓

I recently spoke with an HR person at a mid-sized company, and an IT leader at a smaller non-profit organization. Both conversations were about Office 365 training for their employees.

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SaaS 4-Step Rollout Plan

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  April 6, 2017  /  Software Rollout   —   No Comments ↓

It's probably obvious that when you introduce a completely new software platform at your company you should have a training plan ready. But what you might not have realized is the importance of establishing such a plan when you're rolling out a newer version of something familiar—such as Office or email software.

The truth is when migrating to newer versions of software, training can help prevent productivity loss. Beyond that, short training sessions can help users maintain their skill sets while highlighting new features that can boost their capacities of using the software.

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Office 365 Business vs Enterprise: Which Is Right for Your Customers?

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  April 6, 2017  /  Microsoft Office, Office 365, Microsoft 365   —   No Comments ↓

You can’t go a week without hearing about a well-known business making the move to Office 365. Microsoft highlights many migrations on their Microsoft Office Blog. While many enterprise size clients have a direct line to licensing questions with Microsoft, the small to mid-size businesses are often times working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or even trying to figure out costs on their own.

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